Rest Home – Millis, MA

Have we answered all your questions about Willowbrook Manor Rest Home? Call us at 1-508-376-5083 if there’s anything we missed.

Q: What is a Rest Home?

A: A Rest Home is a Level IV Long Term Care Facility, licensed by the MA Department of Public Health. Care is provided in accordance with the regulations set forth by the State of MA. At Willowbrook Manor Rest Home we pride ourselves on offering excellent clinical care due to our on-site clinical team, plus a variety of care options all in one place, including hospice care, and short-term stay.

Q: Is there a difference between Willowbrook Manor Rest Home and Assisted Living?

A: Yes. At our facility, you’ll receive a higher level of all included integrated care compared to an Assisted Living Facility ranging from Short Term to Specialized care up to and including Hospice.

Q: How much do I have to pay to stay at Willowbrook Manor Rest Home ?

A: Willowbrook Manor Rest Home accepts Private Pay, Veteran Benefits, Mass Health and EAEDC funds. Our rates are much lower than an Assisted Living or a Nursing home.

Q: Will I have to leave Willowbrook Manor Rest Home if I run out of funds?

A: Willowbrook Manor Rest Home is an age in place Long Term Care Facility. Our clients rarely leave our facility unless it is for temporary hospitalization. We also offer Hospice Services. Your loved one will be able to stay when funds are depleted, a benefit that not available at Assisted Living facilities.

Q: Can I get a tour of the facility?

A: Yes. Please call us at 1-508- 376-5083 to schedule a tour or fill out the form under “contact us”.

Q: Who determines what level of care I need?

A: Our Clinical Team, led by the Medical Director, conducts an evaluation to determine the Individual Care Plan for your loved one.

Q: Will I have to share a room?

A: Our living arrangements range from private to semi private rooms. Room accommodations will depend on your needs and budgets.

Q: Are visitors welcome? Do I need to call ahead?

A: Visitors are always welcome. It is our belief that visitors enhance the social well-being of our clients. Sometimes the visitors are accompanied by more visitors of the 4 legged kind. They too are welcome to visit!

Q: Do you accept Pets at Willowbrook Manor Rest Home?

A: No. Pets are not accepted due to the potential for allergies amongst our clients.









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